" Mon lonely place, my hut. "

Gali, atelier artiste
Gali, atelier Hourtin

« Something that concerns childhood. As a teenager, I laid down my building myths there...
Rothko, Léonard, Caravage, Zao Wou KI, Fabienne Verdier, Pignon-Ernest, and also, Janis, Bobin, Bashung, shells or Vivaldi.
This all mixed that makes me.
A mirror. A portrait. My secret book. »

Each component, even the most trivial, is consciously placed, in its proper place, in support of a very personal harmony.

« All my work lies on deep moods, I can't help it. And these moods are not premeditated, so I organize the improvisation… »

I need to see my tools, to consider all my colours, all my techniques, in order to serve best spontaneity. Immediate access to all my equipment allows me this freedom. Drawers are opened, pigment pots are visible, paint tubes are all close to my palette. Thus I avoid the intellectual reflexion that requires research. If my mood wants blue, it takes it. Instinctively. Thoughtlessly. In order to do as little harm as possible to such an elusive and wild unconscious, who is the real leader of my paintbrush...

Gali, installation tableau atelier
Tableau Marianne - atelier Gali
Gali devant tableau Marianne
Gali en train de peindre
Pots de peinture - atelier Gali
Pinceaux et inspiration - Atelier Gali
Gali - peintre
Gali - chassis toile
Gali -emballage toile
Gali peint
Gali artiste peintre dessinatrice
Gali dans son atelier
Gali - Atelier peinture
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